Info. Family Photographer in Sacramento

San-Francisco Locations

Sutter Stockton Garage

Reveille Coffee Co, Ina Coolbrith Park, Russian Hill-Vallejo Street Crest Historic District

Torpedo Wharf, Pilot’s Row

Seal Rocks Beach (15 min walk from parking lot)

Half Moon Bay, Cowell Ranch Beach Access Parking

Shark Fin Cove, Davenport

Sacramento, CA Locations

Sacramento Downtown,

How to prepare for a family photoshoot?  

Info. Family Photographer in Sacramento

Decide on the location

Choose a location that suits your family’s style and preferences. It could be an outdoor setting like a park, beach, or garden, or an indoor location like your home or a studio.  

Coordinate outfits

Plan outfits for your family members. Choose colors and styles that complement each other while ensuring everyone feels comfortable. Avoid busy patterns and logos that can distract from the main focus, which is your family.  

Plan the timing

Consider the best time of day for the photoshoot, typically during the golden hour (an hour after sunrise or an hour before sunset) when the lighting is soft and flattering.   


Discuss your expectations, ideas, and any specific shots or poses you would like to capture. Share information about your family members, their personalities, and any props or sentimental items you may want to include.  

Prepare your family members

Prepare your family members. Inform everyone in the family about the photoshoot well in advance. Make sure everyone gets enough rest the night before and is well-fed before the session. Encourage a positive and relaxed attitude, as it will reflect in the photos.  

Bring props and accessories

Consider bringing props or accessories that reflect your family’s interests or hobbies. This could include items like balloons, blankets, books, or musical instruments, depending on your family’s style.   

Be prepared with essentials

Pack a small bag with essentials like water, snacks, tissues, and makeup or grooming touch-up items. This will help keep everyone comfortable and fresh throughout the shoot.  

Have fun and be yourselves

The most important thing is to enjoy the experience and let your family’s natural interactions shine through. Encourage laughter, playfulness, and affection, as these genuine moments make for the best photographs.  

Follow up with the photographer

After the photoshoot, communicate with your photographer to review and select the best images. Discuss any retouching or editing requests you may have and finalize the delivery format for the final photos.  


Every family is unique, so feel free to adapt these steps to fit your specific needs and preferences. Enjoy the process, and cherish the beautiful memories captured during the photoshoot!  

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